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2014- 2015
Southern Bull Test
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West Virginia Beef Industry Council
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             The West Virginia Bull Evaluation Program, Point Pleasant (Southern Bull Test) is a development program for young bulls. The Point Pleasant Test provides seed stock producers an opportunity to improve the genetic merit of their cattle through performance testing.  The bulls evaluated through the program offer commercial beef producers in the Southwestern West Virginia area with the superior beef genetics to produce exceptional feeder cattle.  Since West Virginia is not recognized as a major cattle producing state, we realize that it is essential  we produce above average cattle, both for the feeding industry and the retail consumer.

             The Point Pleasant Test utilizes a forage-based ration and bulls are fed to achieve a target average daily gain of approximately 3.25 pounds.  The program stresses a total performance approach, not only measuring gain on-test, but also reporting indicators of reproductive and carcass performance. Consignors are required to be active participants in the herd improvement program of their respective breeds.  Our sale catalog includes dam production data, birth and weaning weights and ratios and the most current EPDs available. While single consignments are allowed at the Point Pleasant Station, many producers consign three or more contemporaries to improve the usefulness of data collected through the program.

             A successful future for beef producers requires that we make informed decisions and strive to produce cattle that are both profitable to the producer and meet the stringent demands of the retail consumer.  In addition to herd reporting and performance testing, several of our consignors have become involved with the West Virginia Feedlot and Product Information Program (WVFPIP) to better understand how well their cattle perform in the feedlot and in the cooler.  Value-based marketing of WVFPIP cattle  brings home the lessons of conformance to quality grade and marbling, yield grade and carcass weight. 

             As a part of the West Virginia Bull Evaluation Program, the Point Pleasant Test Station strives to provide both seed stock and commercial producers with the tools to build a stronger beef industry. When you are looking for beef genetics that work in the real world, look to the people that have real-world experience!

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